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Salt Saunas

A salt sauna operates with a lower temperature and humidity to a traditional Finnish sauna.

Why choose a Salt Sauna?

A salt sauna differs from a Finnish sauna in temperature and humidity. The salt sauna has a typical running temperature of between 65˚ - 70˚ C with 5% humidity.

The softer heat, lower humidity and the added benefit of a salt injection system gives the air a high salt content benefiting the user’s respiratory system and skin.

Regular use of a salt sauna can help to reduce the need for inhalers and improve lung function.

Sufferers from asthma, bronchitis, hay fever and sinus problems can benefit from using a salt sauna because it can improve lung function and the immune system.

Muscle or ligament injury can benefit from the heat of a sauna, the heat also has a positive effect on the respiratory tract.

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