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Herbal Saunas

 As the name suggests, a herbal sauna’s water is infused with dried herbs that have a positive effect on respiratory function.

What is a Herbal Sauna? Why Should You Choose a Herbal Sauna?

The soothing herbal sauna has a temperature of between 65˚ - 75˚ C with humidity of 15% - 20%.

A herbal sauna has softer heat than the Finnish sauna and as the name suggests dried herbs are used in this sauna. By infusing the herbs with water having a positive and soothing effect which benefits the respiratory tract.

As with other saunas, the herbal sauna has health benefits, it helps to raise defences against respiratory infections, strengthen the immune system.


Sufferers of varicose veins can help alleviate their symptoms whilst using the herbal sauna in conjunction with cold showers, combining both will help to improved circulation.

Again as with other saunas recovery and problems related to muscle and ligaments can be helped.

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