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Bio Saunas

A bio sauna, or sanarium, is designed for those who cannot tolerate the high heat of a traditional sauna.

What is a Bio Sauna? Why Should You Choose a Sanarium?

The bio sauna is a sauna with a humid atmosphere which is most suited to those clients that cannot tolerate the heat of a Finnish sauna.

A bio sauna runs at a temperature of between 50˚ - 60˚C with moisture in the range of 60% - 70%. To achieve this particular atmosphere a sauna stove with a bio heater is installed into the cabin, the bio heater is a sauna stove with a steam generator installed, this creates a comfortable heat and humidity.d the immune system.

Clients with varicose veins, lower blood pressure and fragile capillaries benefit from the use of this type of sauna.

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