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  • Components of a Perfect Commercial Spa

    Over recent years, spas have become more and more popular, and it’s no surprise why! Day to day life can become hectic and hard work, and every now and then we need a good de-stress away from the everyday reality. And what better way to do that than visiting a beautiful spa, where you can spend the day (or days) relaxing and being pampered?! With some amazing spas out there these days, there is high competition for winning people over, and offering the best spa treatments. So, if you’re a commercial spa or hotel and want to up your spa game, we are here to help you with some commercial spa must-haves. Saunas This is an obvious one. You can go down to the gym now and use a sauna, so it’s not exactly pushing the boat out, but it is essential to have in your spa. It’s creating your own unique design, and offering high quality, that will make your sauna stand out from the rest. Here’s some help in choosing the right kind of sauna for you, and your clients: Finnish Sauna - These are a modernised twist on a traditional sauna, and they are hot, hot, hot! Operating at temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees, these saunas help to remove toxins from parts of your body you didn’t even know existed. It is said that they help to strengthen the immune system, as well as helping to improve the skin, improve circulation, and benefit any muscle or ligament injuries. Salt Sauna - These provide a lower temperature, and less humidity, than a Finnish Sauna. These saunas include a salt injection (hence the name), which provides benefits for the skin and respiratory system. They are particularly beneficial for asthma, bronchitis, and hay fever sufferers, as well as helping to reduce headaches, migraines, and tiredness. Bio Saunas - The bio sauna is essentially a sauna with a slightly lower temperature, but a much higher humidity range. These saunas are ideal for people who cannot stand the heat of a Finnish sauna, and are beneficial to those who suffer with varicose veins, and low blood pressure. Herbal Saunas - These types of saunas offer a lower heat than a Finnish sauna, and they infuse dried herbs with the water to emit soothing herbal benefits in to the air, which is great for the respiratory tract. As with other types of sauna, these also have benefits such as, strengthening the immune system, helping with muscle and ligament injury, and improving the skin. Including your own touches to the design of your sauna such as, soft mood lighting, can really help to set the mood for customers using the facilities. Steam Rooms Steam rooms have been used for centuries, dating back to Roman, Arabian, and Ottoman traditions. So, although this also seems like an obvious choice for your spa, it’s also another essential facility to have. And, we have better technology now than the Romans did, so your steam room design will be a little more up to date than that. A steam room differs from a sauna in a couple of ways, the main one being the temperature in which they operate. So, a steam room will typically run between 40-45˚ with 100% humidity. A steam room, quite literally, pumps steam into the room which creates a relaxing atmosphere as well as having a relaxing effect on the muscles, which can also help to reduce joint pain. Essential oils such as, Eucalyptus can be added to a steam room which benefits the breathing and also adds to the relaxation of the experience. Steam rooms can be designed and tailored to suit different needs - from hot and steamy to warm and humid - so you are able to create the perfect environment for your clients and visitors. The design of a steam can also be very versatile, in comparison to a sauna, so they can be designed and built to reflect and suit your facilities. Ice Fountains Ice fountains are typically used after, such as, a sauna or steam room to help the user cool down after a thermal experience. An ice fountain is a machine that will produce flakes of ice into a bowl, which is to be rubbed over the skin, helping the body to return to it’s normal temperature. The combination of the heating and then the cooling process of the body is said to improve circulation; making the veins expand and contract, which also helps to improve the immune system. It also has huge benefits for the skin. Ice fountains can also make a beautiful addition to any spa facility, and can be designed in your own unique way to fit with the rest of your spa experience. Laconium As with a lot of other thermal spa experiences, the Laconium was also invented by the Romans and were used as the beginning of the spa journey. Laconium is heated through the walls, the benches, and the foot stools, giving a soothing and warming sensation throughout the whole body. Because this gives off a gentle heat, it can be used for much longer than a sauna or a steam room, so they create a nice, peaceful sense of wellbeing and are ideal for those who want to get some quiet and relaxing space to unwind. A Laconium are a perfect addition to your spa facilities, as this can give people a place to go and relax in between treatments, that are less intense than a sauna or a steam room experience. Experience Showers These are a complete must-have in any spa! You will need to include showers for your guests anyway, so why not make it an experience for them? Experience showers can include an array of different effects such as, tropical rainfall, mist, monsoon, or a cooling waterfall. They look beautiful in your spa setting, and are the perfect way to end a day of relaxation and pampering in your spa experiences, or for visitors to use in between treatments when they need revitalising. Your guests will thank you later. If you are ready to take your spa to the next level, and provide the perfect environment that your visitors won’t want to leave, then the team at Anapos can help you out. We have teams of experienced spa designers who will work with you through your spa requirements, to create your ideal spa facility; making you the envy of your spa competition. Contact Anapos to discuss your spa design consultation today!

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