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Steam Rooms

Ancient Tradition by Rome, Up-to-Date by Anapos.

Anapos has brought the ancient Roman, Arabian and Ottoman traditions right up to date, using today's technology to create a range of steam rooms offering diverse thermal bathing experiences. 

Our team can help you create exactly the environment you are looking for, from hot and steamy, to warm and humid.

You can further enhance the relaxing nature of these experience with aromatherapy infusions, mood lighting, crystal features, salt injection and music therapy.


What is the difference between a Sauna and Steam Room?

Differing from the sauna in temperature and humidity, a steam room has a typical operating temperature of between 40˚ to 45˚ C with 100 % humidity.

The steam is typically provided by a steam generator which pumps steam into the room. The heat has a relaxing effect on muscles and limbs as well as helping to reduce joint pain, sufferers of rheumatism or arthritis can benefit from using this heat experience room.

Additionally, an essence such as Eucalyptus or menthol can be added as a benefit to breathing.

Other fragrances can be added to give a relaxing effect helping the user to unwind. The softer heat of the steam room can have a less drying effect on the skin.

Anapos Steam Rooms

Just like with our range of saunas, we also offer a comprehensive range of  'off the shelf', domestic steam rooms if required. 

If you are looking for a more bespoke and unique experience then you can contact our team for a quote.

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