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Finnish Saunas

Our Finnish saunas can be custom built to meet your functional and aesthetic requirements. Whether you prefer a traditional timber cabin feel, or a sleeker, modern design, we can provide the solution you need.

Why Choose a Finnish Sauna?

The Finnish sauna operates at a temperature of between 70 to 95 C. Saunas no longer need to be just a simple timber cabin.

Having undergone modernisation, today’s sauna’s can now be incorporated into any spa style, giving the user an up to date way to use this traditional thermal experience.

There are many health benefits to using a sauna. It is said that the immune system strengthens, which in turn helps the body’s defences against infection.

The heat of a sauna can help to remove toxins from parts of the body that don’t normally have the ability to do this, one example is the skin and if used in conjunction with cold showers the sauna can help those suffering from varicose veins due to increased blood circulation.

Muscle or ligament injury can benefit from the heat of a sauna, the heat also has a positive effect on the respiratory tract.

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