Finnish Saunas View

Finnish Saunas

The Finnish sauna operates at a temperature of between 70 to 95 C. Saunas no longer need to be just a simple timber cabin.

Salt Saunas View

Salt Saunas

A salt sauna differs from a Finnish sauna in temperature and humidity. The salt sauna has a typical running temperature of between 65˚ - 70˚ C with 5% humidity.

Bio Saunas /  Sanariums View

Bio Saunas / Sanariums

The bio sauna is a sauna with a humid atmosphere which is most suited to those clients that cannot tolerate the heat of a Finnish sauna.

Herbal Saunas View

Herbal Saunas

The soothing herbal sauna has a temperature of between 65˚ - 75˚ C with humidity of 15% - 20%.

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