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Harvia Saunas

Are you looking for the perfect sauna experience for your spa?

Harvia spa products were established in 1950, as a sauna heater manufacturer, and have now become a world-leading sauna and spa company.

The company started in Finland, where a spa is part of their national culture and it is estimated that there are around 2 million saunas in Finland, for a population of just over 5 million people. Saunas would have been used as the best place to wash, during the winter when there was no hot running water. This is, of course, not the case anymore but using a sauna has now become part of the Finnish tradition.

As well as being a source of relaxation for many, saunas also have proven benefits and effects on improving your health and well-being, including:

  • Easing pain by increasing circulation, which can help with muscle pain, and help to improve joint movement

  • Reduce stress levels

  • Improving cardiovascular health, due to the reduction in stress levels

  • Some skin problems can be improved from certain types of saunas which can dry out the skin


So, there’s really no wonder people have been using saunas for thousands of years!

Harvia have years’ of experience, and have utilised their Finnish culture, to enable them to manufacture the most technologically advanced sauna and spa products, to allow you to create the most enjoyable sauna experience for yourselves or your guests.

Anapos Sauna & Thermal Spa Equipment provide a wide range of Harvia products, so whether you’re looking for quality sauna heaters, or you’re wanting to build a whole new sauna, we can help you to find the best Harvia sauna products to suit your needs.

Take a look at our Harvia sauna brochures below, or contact the team at Anapos to discuss your spa or sauna requirements today.


The control panel shows an error message, “the heater does not heat up”

Help! My control panel is showing the error message:

  • ER1
    Forte: The thermocouple circuit is broken.
    Moderna, Fuga, Delta, Kivi, Cilindro: The temperature sensor's measuring circuit is damaged. Contact us.

  • ER2
    Moderna, Fuga, Delta, Kivi, Cilindro: The temperature sensor measuring circuit has a short circuit. Contact us.

  • ER3
    Forte: The overheat protector's measuring circuit has failed.

  • ER4
    Forte: An interruption in the connection between the lower and upper cards.

  • ER5
    Forte: There is an excessive amount of heat surrounding the control panel.

The heater does not heat up (mechanical control)

This only applies to heaters with a mechanical timer switch. Verify that the heater's fuses/breakers are working on the electrical panel. A heater's electrical panel may have one to three fuses/breakers, depending on its model and electrical system.

Ensure that the heater's connection cable is connected.

Inspect the overheat protector to ensure it has not been triggered. If so, the heater will not heat up even though the timer works.

Why is my sauna heating up slowly?

  • Stones are quickly cooled by water thrown on the heater.

  • Ensure that the heater's fuses and breakers are working properly. It is important to note that there are typically one to three fuses/breakers on the electrical panel, depending on the heater model and electrical system.

  • When the heater is on, verify that all the heating elements are glowing.

  • Increase the temperature.

  • Check the heater's power to make sure it's adequate.

  • Make sure the heater stones are in good condition. Stacking the stones too tightly, compacting them over time, or using the wrong stones can block air circulation, reducing the heater's heating power.

  • You should ensure that the ventilation of the sauna is set up properly.

How do I test that the thermostat is working correctly?

  1. Remember to close the sauna door.

  2. Make sure all heating elements are visible by removing stones from the heater.

  3. Activate the heater. A glow should come from the heating elements after a few moments. If a heating element does not glow, it must be replaced.

  4. Keep an eye on the heating elements when they turn off. It occurs when the sauna temperature reaches the desired temperature set by the thermostat. It usually takes 35–45 minutes for the desired temperature to be reached after turning on the heater. When the thermostat takes a long time to reach the desired temperature, the temperature sensor might be placed incorrectly, the heater may not be powerful enough, or the thermostat might be defective.

Can anyone replace a broken heating element?

To prevent dangerous live components from coming into contact with each other, all electrical appliances with protective housings attached by screws must be installed and serviced by a qualified, authorised electrical engineer or any such qualified individual, per the regulations in force.

Can any stones be used as heater stones?

Heater stones should be made of heavy materials, dark colours, and large sizes to store the greatest amount of heat energy. Typically, heater dealers sell stones specifically designed for use as heater stones that come from reputable suppliers, so their composition and suitability are guaranteed. Peridotite, olivine, and olivine diabase are all ideal stone materials for heaters. A natural surface rock collected outdoors cannot be used as a heater.

You should not use ceramic "stones" and soft soapstones. They are incapable of storing enough heat when heating. As a result, the heater may overheat, which can cause the heating elements to break.

According to the installation and user instructions of the heater, the heater stones must be stacked appropriately. Heater stones can be found in two different sizes.

How often should the heater stones be changed in a family sauna?

Generally, the replacement frequency depends on how often the heater is used. Stones should be changed once a year if they are used twice a week on average. As the stones crumble in use and compact in the stone compartment, they must be restacked periodically to allow air circulation. A proper sauna experience depends on good air circulation. Additionally, the heating elements will also last longer with good air circulation.

What do I do when a heating element breaks?

A broken heating element should be replaced immediately, as the ones still intact have to glow longer, and one of the remaining heating elements may also break after a while. Only an authorised electrical engineer may replace a heating element.

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