The 'Must Haves' For a Commercial Spa

Wellness, wellbeing, and self-care are such a big priority for people now, that it’s no wonder businesses with spa facilities are booming! More and more people are taking time out of their busy working weeks, to go and spend a relaxing day at the spa, or spending the night away at hotels with hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and other relaxing spa facilities.

But, are you keeping up with the growing need for relaxation? We have put together the “must haves” for your commercial spa facilities.


Sauna or Steam Room

Saunas and steam rooms are known to have many health benefits, and are often a main addition to spa facilities, but which one is best for you?

Well, saunas have been proven to improve cardiovascular health, and have shown to have some impact on high blood pressure, headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, and more. Whereas, studies have shown that the moist heat of a steam room is better for delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which is ideal if you have a spa alongside gym facilities.

It is worth researching into your target audience to see what would suit them best, but, if you have full spa facilities, why not install both and accommodate for all guests to ensure everyone’s happy.


Experience Showers

Who doesn’t want to shower after a sauna, steam room, or thermal treatment?! With their relaxing water effects such as, tropical rainfall, mist, monsoon, and cool waterfall, as well as mood lighting, and music, they are a definite must-have feature for your spa facility, to ensure a relaxed and happy guest.

Not only are they ideal for the relaxation features, they also have health benefits. The alternation of hot and cold water helps with circulation, and can also improve the body’s tone. Helping the flow of blood to the skin also helps to flush out any toxins and close the pores.


Spa Loungers

Having spa loungers available for guests to relax in once they have used the sauna or steam room, is the perfect addition to your spa. This allows guests to return to a normal temperature after a sauna or steam room. Spa loungers can be installed in private areas, to give guests some peaceful time to unwind and relax.


Ice Fountains

Ice fountains are used to revitalise the skin after a thermal treatment. This is done by rubbing the ice flakes over the skin to stimulate circulation. This makes the veins expand and contract, which helps with circulation issues, and works to improve the immune system.

Ice fountains also benefit the skin, by closing up the pores after the use of a sauna, steam room, or other thermal cabin treatments. They are also a stunning feature for any spa facility, and are a clear-cut way to impress your guests and customers.

So, if your spa facilities could do with a revamp to keep up with the growing wellbeing trends, or you’d like some new additions to compliment your current spa, the teams at Anapos are able to offer full design, installation, and maintenance of the above facilities, and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!