Grace - Londons most exclusive Ladies Private Members Club

Anapos have been privileged to have been working alongside the client and their Architects and designers on this very exclusive Ladies Private Members club from its conception to its completion in October this year, to turn the ideas and the wishes of the client into reality.

Anopos have listened to what the client and designers require and have worked with their years of experience in designing and manufacturing Thermal Spa Equipment to create some of the latest cabins to be seen in the UK to date.

Anapos have created the first Vichy Hamman room to be installed in the UK by combining a beautifully tiled steam room with a heated Hamman Table with a Vichy shower suspended over to give the client a unique treatment experience.

In addition to this anapos have designed and installed a fully glazed fronted Hamman room with a fully vaulted ceiling combining traditional Hamman rooms with modern contemporary style benches, with fragrances being injected into the cabin and the vaulted ceiling being illuminated from each of the four corners this creates the most relaxing atmosphere to pass the time of day.

Also designed and installed is the latest Herbal Sauna with two large back lit glazed photographic images one of a eucalyptus leafs and one of a Genko leaf, surrounded by large Cedar alcoves to sit in, the sauna stove with its specially designed Dried Herb tray allows automatically dosed water to mix with the dried herbs and then infusing them on the Sauna stove creating a beautiful smell to aid your relaxation while your body is caressed by the 65 deg C temperature of the room.

For additional relaxation and cooling down anapos have supplied and installed a feature shower with tropical rain and cold rain both with difference fragrance all at the touch of a button, and on a separate button six warm body spray's can be used so the clients do not have to get their hair wet.

To complete the Spa journey and experience anopos have manufactured and installed two heated black mosaic tiled benches and three black mosaic tiled foot stools.