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China Fleet

Following 24 months working very closely with the client and his design team at  China Fleet, Anapos were very proud to be awarded a contract worth nearly £250,000.00 for the supply and installation of all the thermal Spa equipment which includes:-

  • Laconium

  • Aroma Steam Room

  • Salt Steam Room

  • Finnish Sauna

  • Feature Showers

  • Ice Fountain

  • Foot Spa's

  • 3 x Heated Tiled Loungers

  • Deck level Spa pool

  • Hygromatik steam generators

  • Harvia sauna stoves

The Aroma Steam Room, Sauna, Salt Steam Room, Laconium are all supplied with full RGB colour changing light systems, MP3 sound systems and essence injection systems all to make the clients experience to the Aqua Spa exceptional.

Starting with the Laconium to slowly raise the clients body temperature they can then progress on to the Aroma Steam room, Salt room and Finnish Sauna whilst in between use the feature showers offering Tropical rain with fragrance, cold Rain with fragrance and a refreshing cold mist experience. In addition Anapos Supplied and installed their latest cold deluge shower offering a cold rain experience, a cold water sheet experience or a cold central deluge experience all with fragrances.

Along with all the above the clients can also visit the two foot spas and Ice fountain before relaxing in the hydro Spa pool, then to reduce the body temperature slowly they can visit the Laconium for the second time, followed by the Tepidarium area which offers three beautiful heated tiled loungers to complete their spa journey experience.

The Aqua Spa has already proved very popular with all the people who have used it and the word about Aqua Spa has already spread quickly around the area with membership sales having already doubled on the same time last year.

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