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Sauna and Thermal Spa Design & Installation

Anapos designs, builds, installs, and maintains the highest quality Sauna and Steam Rooms, and other thermal experiences including Rasul, Mud Rooms, Ice Cabins, Laconium Salt Rooms as well as other specialist experiences for leisure clubs, day spas, hotels and luxury private residences.

The Anapos team have unrivalled experience in designing cutting-edge thermal experiences in the UK for the most demanding clients. All products are bespoke manufactured in Anapos’s own manufacturing plant and then installed by its craftsmen to produce world-beating thermal experiences.

Whether you are an architect, specifier, engineer, spa operator, hotelier or private client we can bring your outstanding spa and sauna vision to life with Anapos. Contact us today to start an in-depth consultation on your requirements.

Our wide range of spa design and installation products allow us to recreate your vision of a world-class thermal experience for your customers. 

Finland is the home of the European sauna tradition, and Finnish sauna bathing takes two traditional forms.


Differing from the sauna in temperature and humidity, a steam room has a typical operating temperature of between 40˚ to 45˚ C with 100 % humidity.

Steam rooms

The Caldarium is a room very similar to the steam room with similar benefits to the user’s health.


The tepidarium plays a central role in relaxation. The air temperature in this room is between 30˚ and 40˚ C with a higher heat coming from individual reclining loungers.


Along with many other thermal experiences the laconium was invented by the Romans as a start to "The Spa Journey" a laconium is usually heated to 65˚ C..


The Rasul is a mud treatment room with an operating temperature in the region of 40˚ to 45˚ C the room has almost 100% humidity.


Typically a private treatment given in a warm humid room.